sew in hair extension

Sew in hair extensions pros and cons (Detailed Guide)

Among the different types of extensions common in the hair industry, sew-in hair extensions made it to the top of the preferable hair extensions among fashion divas due to their natural appearance and minimal aftercare requirements.  Are you looking forward to getting a sew-in hair extension to add volume to your hair and enjoy a …

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Trending hair extension

Difference between weave and extensions (Guide)

Do you agree with the idea that “Life is too short to have boring hair”?  Yes, I do too! Hair weaves, and extension techniques have been common among fashion divas to enhance their looks and style their hair differently. If you have short or thin hair or are looking forward to enjoying different types of …

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Weave care

7 tips on how to take care of weave at night

The term ‘weave’ generally refers to a hairstyle adopted by modern-day females for the increased thickness of the hair and a charismatic look. However, often times it is difficult to be dealt with. At night, when the technological gadget shows a screen time of six or seven hours, the hair loses its original state and …

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Can you swim with hair extensions?

Are you regretting your choice of installing hair extensions with a beach party invitation for the weekend and a call from your physical training center to be back to your swim practices?  The women who love wearing hair extensions often wonder if is it OK to go swimming with hair extensions.  My self, I’m a …

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